Triage Press 


The Infirmary | Arts House | 2018

Chris Boyd | The Australian

“What’s truly remarkable is the way The Infirmary takes us into a time warping state in which we are barely conscious yet still receptive and thoughtful, in which we are completely disorientated but tenaciously focused.” 


Myron My | Melbourne Arts 
"Towards the end of the show, I catch my reflection in a mirror and I am shocked by what I see. I appear to be refreshed and rejuvenated. I seem happier and calmer than I have in a long time ... I feel alive. "


Robert Reid | Witness Performance
"Was this about death? Was this about care? Was this about process? It’s a remarkable experience. Like floating in a sensory deprivation tank, it’s not important what it’s about. A ride is about the ride."

Realtime | Andrew Fuhrmann | Hotel Obscura | 2016

What is most satisfying about Hotel Obscura is not the experience of any one or other room in particular but the rhythm & composition of the experience as a whole. There are no lulls, no blips. And nowhere does the confected mystery of the piece fade or falter. The work carries you smoothly in its shadowy dream across half the city and up 48 floors. 

The Age | Liza Power | An Appointment with J Dark | 2012

"Part play date, part confessional'', a kind of open invitation to share a moment with a stranger. 


The Australian | Chris Boyd | An Appointment with J Dark | 2012

"If there is a sustaining theme in An Appointment with J Dark ... it's one of gender identity and the creation of faces to meet the faces that we meet. The temptation in performances such as these is to try to control or oversteer them. It was an immense privilege to be a part of this work." 

Realtime | Varia Karipoff | An Appointment with J Dark | 2012

What makes us unique? Everything is up for analysis; beliefs and desires are turned over and need to be backed up. 


Berlin ArtLink | Elizabeth Federer | Strange Passions | 2011

The event encourages the audience to feast on words and on one another’s presence– and to trust that you can create your own intimacy.


Realtime | Barry Laing | Once at In-Habit Festival | 2010 

Once works ‘in’ the participants. Each stranger becomes the site at which a kind of alchemical fusion of projection & introspection lifts itself into consciousness. The work functions as a hiatus, a pause by means of which to see & experience another, to feel habitual avoidance, looking and being looked at, to sense movement towards & away from each other and all of the electricity, e-motion, ethics and responsibility of that…just once.