Hello 2021. All of Triage's projects have been funded for their first & second developments. We're deeply grateful for the generous support of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney Opera House, ArtPlay, the Australia Council for the Arts, Creative Victoria, Melbourne City Council, and the Besen Foundation. 

January - April 2021

Three-month writers' residency at Chantilly Studio, The Nicholas Building. Katerina will develop META, After the Flood and other performance writing projects. 


February 2021

We've just completed a first stage development of After the Flood at ArtPlay Melbourne. 


May 2021

We have a creative research residency at the Royal Botanic Gardens to develop META.  

June 2021

The second development of After the Flood will take place at the Sydney Opera House.

July 2021

The second development of Espionage will take place in Melbourne and Sydney. More details soon. 

September 2021

The first development of Thresholds will take place in Melbourne. More details soon. 


** More announcements when we know what's happening **